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Pay My Bill:

For any administrative or billing questions, please call the office at (605) 486-0069 or email us at

Sanitary Sewer Service:

PLSD issues an invoice to each property owner twice a year (March & September) for sanitary sewer service.  The invoice is issued via your primary email unless the property owner does not have an email address.  In that case, the invoice will be sent via regular mail.  


Customers have the option to enroll in autopay which is drafted from your checking account on the 20th day of the billing month.  The enrollment form is available here.  



Customer Repairs: 

PLSD will issue an invoice for customer repairs when work is completed to the sewer line or components located on your property.  We charge you for the cost of the materials and for service labor at the rate of $100 for the first hour and $50 per hour thereafter. Customer repair invoices are issued as soon as the work is completed and due within 30 days. 

PLSD Payment Address:

If you choose not to utilize automatic payment, PLSD requests payments be mailed to the PLSD office:


Pickerel Lake Sanitary District

2908 Peabody Avenue 

Grenville, SD  57229.  


Please update your bank bill pay address to reflect the change. Payment must be received by the 30th day of the billing month; otherwise, late fees will be charged. 

For general questions, please email:

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