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Request Sewer Repairs:

To report or discuss any repair issues, including lift station alarms, please call us at (605) 467-1503.

About the System:

The PLSD sewer system is a combination of gravity and forced lines.  In areas where gravity is used, most cabins don't have a septic tank and should utilize a grinder pump where there's a personal lift station to move waste to the main collection line.  Forced main lines utilize septic tanks and personal lift stations to move the gray water to the main collection line.  In some instances, these are shared between cabins.  The PLSD System Manager is able to tell you what type of access your cabin has to the main line.

( Left: Sample image of basic layout without a septic tank.)

Who is responsible for sewer repairs?

PLSD maintains all public sanitary sewer mains within the sanitary district.  It includes over 13 miles of pipelines which are generally located within public streets or easements dedicated for District use.

Each home or commercial building has a separate connection to the public sanitary sewer main called a sewer lateral. In accordance with District Ordinance No. 12A, it is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain and repair their own sewer lateral from the house up to the point of connection with the public sanitary sewer main. This includes both the portion on private property and the portion located beneath the sidewalk and street up to the point where the lateral connects to the public main. The drawing above illustrates the difference between a sewer lateral and a public sanitary sewer main.

How do I find out where the problem is?

When a sewer backup or other problem occurs, in most cases it will not be obvious whether the problem area is in the sewer lateral or the public main. If this occurs, call Pickerel Lake Sanitary District at (605) 467-1503. PLSD will come out to inspect the public sewer main free of charge. If a problem is found within the public main, it will be repaired as soon as possible. If the public main is found to be clear, the property owner will be informed that the blockage is probably in the sewer lateral. In this case, the property owner is responsible for the cost of maintenance or repair.

How do I proceed with a sewer lateral problem?

If the sewer problem is found to be in your sewer lateral, the property owner can hire a contractor to make repairs or, pay PLSD employees to complete the repairs. PLSD will charge you for the cost of materials (at our cost) plus service labor at a rate of $100 per hour for the first hour (minimum service charge) and $50 per hour thereafter. If you plan to hire a contractor, we recommend getting estimates from more than one company, if feasible. PLSD can also provide you with some local contractors depending on the type of work that needs to be done.

List of area contractors for electrical, excavation, and plumbing services

For general questions, please email:

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