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District Updates:

  • NOTE:  JULY meeting moved from 7/12 to 7/16

  • Read the PLSD Summer 2024 Update!

  • PLSD now offers automatic payment - complete your enrollment form now 

  • Please update the office with any changes in contact information, including change in ownership by completing a profile form.

PLSD Educates Customers on Backflow Prevention

We’d like to remind you of steps you can take to further protect your home from sewage backup, which includes installing a backflow preventor. We updated our website to include a section on maintaining your sewer system that also provides more details about backflow prevention on our “How Do I?” section.


If you would like assistance with determining your backflow preventor needs, reach out to your licensed plumber. For general questions about prevention options, please reach out to Manager Justin Carlson at 605.467.1503.

PLSD Reminds You to Locate Utilities

When performing any construction work on your property be sure to properly locate your underground utilities on your property.  Generally, the contractor hired to complete your project will make the request; however, if performing the work yourself, be sure to make the request.  SD One Call is a universal service used by contractors and homeowners to request utility locate services.  The website provides numerous resources, including the universal color code chart for utilities, online ticket request, and the South Dakota laws governing the one call requirements.   

PLSD Moves Ahead With System Upgrades

During DANR’s April meeting, PLSD was offered an initial grant/loan package totaling $2,963,000 with a ratio of 72% grant ($2,158,000) and 28% loan ($805,000).  The loan package is at a rate of 2.125% over 30 years.  PLSD is working with Northeast Council of Governments (NECOG) and Helms Engineering to take the next steps necessary to initiate the first phase of the project that includes upgrading the system.  Surveyors have completed work at the lake to provide necessary information Helms will use to prepare the bid package for the project.  To publish the bid notice and secure bids before the next quarterly DANR Water Board meeting scheduled for September, PLSD will issue the bid notice in its official newspaper, The Reporter & Farmer, the weeks of August 22nd and 29th.  The Board will open the bids with Helms Engineering at the office on September 7th to determine what additional funds will be applied for with the supplemental funding request. PLSD will work expeditiously with Helms and NECOG to submit the necessary application paperwork to meet the DANR September 9th deadline. 

UPDATE: (6/19/2024)

Phase II, the expansion portion of the project, has made significant progress despite a wet spring/early summer and will be near completion soon.  Currently, crews are working in the Shepherd’s Bay neighborhood, which is the last segment of the project.  We appreciate your patience and support with this project!

UPDATE: (04/12/2024)

Phase I, lift station upgrades, has been completed with a few minor updates still in process.  Phase II, the expansion portion of the project, started lat fall 2023 in the Outlet Association.  Crews continued working until the ground froze but have returned and completed the main line work in the Outlet Association.  They continue moving to the north as excavation work is completed and are currently working in the Bullhead Bay neighborhood.  We appreciate your patience and support with this project!

UPDATE: (07/15/2023)

initial work has begun on upgrading the system with work completed on the air relief valves.  Next steps include replacing the remaining primary lift station pumps and panels which will begin once all the materials become available.  Once all the upgrades are completed this summer, the next phase will begin.  This includes expanding the system to the cabins located on leased land on the northwest side of the lake.  PLSD hopes to begin the excavation work in September.  Once the entire project is completed the sewer system will be operating in its most efficient manner since first installed.  We appreciate your support with this project!

UPDATE: (04/15/2023)

PLSD continues to work with Northeast Council of Governments (NECOG) and Helms Engineering to move ahead with the system upgrades.  H & W Contracting, LLC, based out of Sioux Falls, was awarded the contract to complete the project. Work will begin once final administrative steps are taken and the weather allows construction season to begin. PLSD will communicate with cabin owners as the project affects their neighbor with expectations of minimal disruptions.  We appreciate your support for this very critical upgrade that ensures the continued integrity of the sanitary sewer system for decades to come.


UPDATE: (10/3/2022)

DANR met on September 29th to award additional funding for water and wastewater projects throughout the state.  DANR awarded PLSD additional project funding in the amount of $1,300,000 in the form of a State Revolving Fund (SRF) loan at a rate of 2.125% over 30 years.  PLSD will consider the funding offer during their October 14th trustee meeting.

UPDATE: (9/12/2022)

Helms Engineering conducted the project bid opening on September 7th and as a result of higher than estimated project costs, PLSD submitted a supplemental funding request in the amount of $1,300,00 to the DANR.  DANR meets again on September 29th to announce additional funding awards. 

Election Day
PLSD 2023 Trustee Election Cancelled

The election for Pickerel Lake Sanitary District Trustee, previously scheduled for Tuesday, November 7, 2023, is hereby cancelled.  The District did not receive multiple candidate petitions prior to the filing deadline.  Incumbent Josh Bartos was not challenged and will serve another three year term.  

Man Holding Pipe
PLSD Pleads:  Don't Flush Wipes!

Disposable wipes have been causing problems in communities around the country and Pickerel Lake is no different. Wipes - used for changing diapers, personal hygiene, housecleaning, and more - cause major problems when flushed down toilets. Though many of these products are labeled “flushable” or “septic safe,” they are anything but. The same goes for facial tissues, baby wipes, paper towels and other products. Because they don’t break down the way toilet paper does, disposable wipes clog pipes. Wipes snag on any imperfection in sewer pipes, catch passing debris and grease, and create a “ball” that will grow to plug the pipe. They also get drawn into pumps and lift stations and clog them, causing significant damage. PLSD asks that if residents do use wipes, please put them in the trash. Don’t flush them!

Septic Tanks System Installing
PLSD Reminds You to Provide Access

As we continue to make improvements, PLSD reminds all cabin owners that you must maintain your property free of encroachments on system components such as manholes, lift stations, and clean out accesses.  Cabin owners provided an easement to PLSD when the system was constructed years ago that grants access to the property to work on the sewer system.  Examples of obstruction include landscaping, fences, arbors, lamp posts, signs, swing sets, sidewalks, retaining walls, garages, out buildings, etc.  When necessary, PLSD will remove any encroachments to gain access, as needed, at the cabin owner’s expense. 

PLSD Approves 2024 Budget

The Board reviewed the proposed 2024 budget during the July meeting, with final approval given during the August meeting based on adjustments made after the initial review.  Once the improvement project is completed, PLSD will be required to make loan payments based on the $27.10 monthly customer surcharge determined by DANR. During 2023, PLSD reduced basic user rates were reduced to absorb some of the new surcharge. The 2024 budget reflects operating and reserve income based on amended 2023 rates. The Board will revisit rates as needed during 2024.


For more details, view the budget here.  

Data on a Touch Pad
Pump Run Times Available

As part of routine maintenance, PLSD tracks pump run times at all 13 lift stations on a weekly basis.  To establish base lines and analyze usage, the Board created a summary of pump usage for 2019-2023 using a series of line charts.  These charts will be updated quarterly and updated on the website for users to view.   The charts (updated 03/31/2024) and a map of lift stations will be maintained under the Rates and Fees section under the About Us tab. 

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