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Our Board & Staff

Each elected board member serves a three year term with a staggered term schedule.  Elections are held each year in November if multiple candidates exist.

Josh Bartos, Trustee

(Term expires 10/31/2026)

1472 Webster Blvd

Pickerel Lake

(605) 228-2750

Kim Remily, Trustee

(Term expires 10/31/2025)

2050 Rix Rd

Pickerel Lake

(605) 380-0940

Iver Finnesand, President

(Term expires 10/31/2024)

1531 Chekapa Lane

Pickerel Lake

(605) 380-4205

Justin Carlson, System Manager

2908 Peabody Avenue

Pickerel Lake

(605) 467-1503

Mary Finnesand, Clerk

2908 Peabody Avenue

Pickerel Lake

(605) 486-0069

PLSD Job Descriptions

For general questions, please email:

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